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Done-for-You Content Plans

Sick of wondering what to write about? Want a proven list of topics that will bring SEO traffic to your blog?


Great fucking news: we’ve got it sorted.


If you feel like you’ve mastered  your niche and just want to know what topics are interesting enough to get people to search for them, but easy enough that your posts actually have a chance to rank, well hoo boy…


Huckleberry Doc Holliday - I'M YOUR HUCKLEBERRY... SAY … | Doc holliday, Val kilmer, Badass movie


Not every topic needs a great blog post, but most of the ones that do are still pretty sad.

We’ll run you through the same process we use on our own clients to find topics that can actually make you money.

The only difference is we’ll send our writers down to the beach with a bucket of frosty beers while you write them yourself.

After all, you’re the expert! We can’t write a great any post about EVERY niche, and some of you are mote than capable of doing it yourselves.

We’ll just help you figure out what makes you money.

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