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Content Marketing That Actually Works

What do you know, a content marketing service that actually cares if you make money…


Weird, right?


We’re not just here to siphon some cash off the SAAS and DTC booms…


We’ve (*I. Hi, I’m Jeff) have been laying our offerings on the great Google altar for twelve years now for a wide variety of software and e-commerce brands, as well as a few results-oriented non-profits trying to make the world a better place.


I built this business because businesses shouldn’t have to choose between great content that helps their prospects make a decision and the kind of blog posts that actually attract search traffic.


It turns out you can help your customers understand the decision they’re making when you buy from you and dance Google’s rain dance at the same time.


That shouldn’t be controversial, but for some reason, seems like it is.


Let’s build a content strategy you can actually be proud of.


You don’t need to compromise your standards to get organic traffic.


Head over to mostlystories.com/audit to get yourself a free content audit, and set up a strategy call to discuss the results. That’s free too! Wait until you hear about these used cars I’m selling.


The truth is that I believe we can both make a small fortune helping the right people in the right way, and I’d love the chance to show you the opportunities you have to get real people visiting your business.


Schedule a time to chat here